ICREST International LLC was established on December 26, 2000 by its members consisting of Itochu International Inc., Seaboard Corporation, and Nissin Foods USA Co., Inc. (Nissin).  The Company is a subsidiary of Itochu International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Itochu Corporation (Itochu), one of the largest publicly traded companies in Japan and among the world’s largest companies with over a thousand subsidiaries and associated companies operating in over 80 countries.

ICREST two key businesses include Domestic Wholesale Distribution and International Trade.  The Company’s close ties with it’s members allows it to source a wide variety of domestic meat products for distribution overseas, as well as, the importation of Asian Specialty products for domestic distribution in North America.

The Company’s Domestic Wholesale Distribution business operates as “ICREST JCP” a full service “food service distributor” operating a fleet of trucks from a 48,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse located in Carson, California.  ICREST specializes in the importation and distribution of high quality Japanese and Asian specialty products including packaged foods, vegetables, and other products for distribution to our domestic clients including supermarkets and other wholesale distributors.  ICREST is the exclusive distributor of “Tamaki” brand rice.

The Company’s Trading operation is located in Los Angeles, California and specializes in the procurement of meat products from domestic suppliers and export to food-processing companies in Japan including Itochu Corporation its primary customer.